best-made-toolbox-2Antioch Consulting believes in providing contextualized solutions to strategic challenges. The focus is on Strategic Framing. Strategic Framing is the process of thickening your vision, creating a structure, tools, and language for discovery, innovation and ownership.

Traditional strategic planning creates a plan based on circumstances of a particular time. It’s a plan that results in projects and tasks based on a snapshot of time, a snapshot that likely has changed by the time the plan is in place.

Strategic Framing is different. Strategic framing embraces the dynamic and fluid world we live in. It recognizes the voluntary nature of contributors (whether an employee, donor or member), and creates the framework that equips others to be co-owners and to make decisions together. Strategic plans are a blueprint for a project. Strategic Framing is the toolbelt you need to work today, tomorrow, and the days to come, to do it together, to adapt, to engage, and to succeed.

Antioch Consulting works with you to create individualized plans for your organization. We evaluate your mission, your existing structure and framework and provide customized proposals to equip you and your teams to be successful.

Antioch Consulting is owned and operated by John Eggen. John has has experience in corporate, non-profit and religious institutions. John is a proven, skilled, bilingual organizational leader seeking to serve as a leader to inspire, equip and encourage others to find fulfillment and success in their profession while utilizing development and mentoring skills to develop strengths-based organizations vision, structures and team members. Learn more about John on his LinkedIn profile at