Why Antioch?

The earliest church wrestled with significant issues. Most significant was deciding who the church was. Opinions came from all directions, some theological, some humanitarian, others political. Jerusalem was the established church, Antioch was the new church. Antioch had new converts, new ways of thinking, new ideas of being. Yet Antioch didn’t want to be on their own, they wanted to be in relationship with Jerusalem. They learned dialogue, they discovered mission, they created innovation, they did it together.

Had it only been so easy. If there was a “secret sauce”, a strategic way to be church together, a way to drive mission, to innovate, to work together, they would have had it. Two millennia later, the church struggles, and they struggle with the same issue as many organizations – they lack strategic framework. They lack the ability to understand vision, to strategically frame their work, to innovate together, to engage ownership and to be coworkers in their mission.

Antioch discovered a framework, a way to work together, but we kept the scaffolding as our building. It’s time to setup new scaffolding, to work together, and build something new.

Whether a church, a non-profit organization, or company, Antioch is where the engagement is. The solution isn’t a plan, it’s not a road map, it’s a way of thinking, the tools for doing, and the shared culture for deciding. It’s strategic, innovative and engaged ownership of mission.

What We Do

There is no magical “10 step” program to anything thriving churches, organizations or companies do. Strategic plans are too static, visions are too vague. Organizations often lack the depth of vision and the strategic framework necessary to create thriving environments.

Lee Bollman writes, “If an organization is overmanaged but underled, it eventually loses any sense of spirit or purpose. A poorly managed organization with a strong, charismatic leader may soar briefly— only to crash shortly thereafter.”

The vision of Antioch is to help organizations capture a vision of something new and provide the strategic framework to sustainably live out their vision. Antioch Consulting specializes in strategic framing, creating environments that innovate together and engage owners. Together we can reclaim a new vision, journey to engagement, and provide the framework for sustainable, vibrant futures.