Your organization needs to be able to say something about who you in order to invite collaborative and meaningful participation from your constituents. Many organizations were established in the late 1800s, a time in US history marked by substantial European immigration, the development of churches, denominations, and serving institutions. Many of our organizations were founded on an ethnic-religious identity which simply does not exist in the world today. Organizational identity is not about setting your strategic plan, but about creating the framework for making strategic decisions. This framework serves your organization to help create a case statement, evaluate campaign related decisions, and answer important organizational identity questions to inform operational decisions.

Working together with Antioch Consulting our research will help you identify:

  • Organizational Culture – What makes you who you are? What are your organizational values and priorities to make informed, nimble decisions.
  • Organizational History – Capture important and relevant organizational history and its impact on the culture and future.
  • Organizational Identity – Using descriptive statistics to better understand the demographic makeup and priorities of the institution.

Organizational identity work provides the framework to make some of of your most important decisions and someone for people to give to.