Understanding your institutional identity is a key component in making important institutional choices, executing from a strategic framework, and casting a compelling vision. Many organizations were founded in an era that no longer exists yet holds an identity rooted in a foregone era. As an expert in institutional identity research, Antioch Consulting works with you to identify subjective-functionalist and objective-functionalist elements of your organization culture. These help you identify ways your culture drives the organization, and in which ways your organization drives its culture. For faith-based organizations this cultural and historical deep-dive this understanding can help inform important decisions regarding the expression of faith-identity in the organization and its leaderships.

Working together organizational consulting is important to help answer questions such as:

  • Should our president/CEO be from our faith background?
  • How does our faith identity impact our practices?
  • Are there any practices without which your organization would not be who it is today?
  • How can you articulate your heritage while embracing the cultural change your organization faces?