Mission without margin is not sustainable in this world. Your organizational vision and mission must be connected with reasonable means for funding. Not all development approaches are created equal. In some cases, short-term and transactional giving is the right fit. In other cases a matching gift may motivate your donor base; in some cases, it may be relationship-based giving with a longer-term strategy.  We work together to establish meaningful mechanisms to fund your organizational vision and objectives to create a blend which matches your organizational culture and vision.

  • Data and appeal segmentation – Reviewing your organization data to find the area of greatest impact in your segmentation. Your data should be segmented based on groupings most likely to correspond to a higher level of giving. Segmentation is done based on donor analysis rather than institutional organization, meeting donors where they are at and maximizing the ability to strengthen relationships based on focused messaging.
  • Crowd-Funding – Evaluating the fit of crowd-funding based on your institutional values, projects, and cultures. In many cases crowd-funding might be a portion of a the overall development portfolio targeted to the right audience to the right project.
  • Impact Investments – Specific organizations may benefit from exploration the usage of private placement debt instruments to equip philanthropically minded groups and individuals through impact investments.