What is hidden in your data?

Your donor and alumni database can be a rich source of wisdom for strategically using your resources and maximize donor engagement and investment. At Antioch Consulting we believe in using data to better understand your constituents through geographic analysis, and descriptive and analytic statistics.

Recognize where to invest resources and identify priority markets.

The exercise of mapping your data provides insights based on involvement and investment. We work together to develop a heatmap of your data. This heatmap highlights key geographical areas based on amount of giving, number of gifts, and any involvement metrics included in the data. This process helps your organization identify key markets for strategic investment. For example, you may find one market with several donors with consistent giving, strong giving potential, but limited social engagement. This data helps you identify a marketing plan specific to that region to cultivate involvement leading to investment.

Predictive statistics – Who is most likely to give?

The second research element involves a deep analysis of your data through descriptive and analytic statistics to reveal key affinity groups, demographics, or regions predictive of donor involvement. Descriptive statistics provide high-level summary statistics while analytic statistics are used to determine correlations within the datum groups. These statistics often reveal important donor information, such as a higher level of engagement within a specific worship service, a relationship between involvement in co-curricular activities and future giving and allow your organization to determine where to best focus your engagement efforts and how to best segment your appeals and approaches based groupings most likely to impact giving.